Discover is our modern, streamlined web-based app providing basic MaxDiff, conjoint analysis, general interviewing, and data analysis.

Lighthouse Studio

Lighthouse Studio is our industry-leading Windows desktop application for MaxDiff and conjoint analysis. It gives you full power and flexibility to author online and offline surveys, analyze data, and run market simulations.

Lighthouse Studio running on a laptop

Product Comparison


Lighthouse Studio


  • Web-based application

  • Windows-installed application

Question Types

  • Single-select (radio buttons, other specify)

  • Multi-select (checkboxes, other specify, none of the above)

  • Dropdown (single-select)

  • Grid with single and multi-select

  • Grid with numeric input

  • Advanced Grid (row or column based, mixed question types, open-ends, ranking, constant sum, etc.)

  • Numeric

  • Open-end (fill in the blank, single and multi-line)

  • Constant sum

  • Ranking

  • Semantic differential (radio or slider)

  • Free Format (design your own)

  • Terminate (set status, redirect)

  • Text (display)

  • MaxDiff (best-worst item scaling)

  • CBC (Choice-Based Conjoint)

  • ACBC (Adaptive Choice-Based Conjoint)

  • ACA (Adaptive Conjoint Analysis)

  • CVA (Conjoint Value Analysis)

MaxDiff Capabilities

  • Number of items per exercise

    up to 120

    up to 2000

  • Item scores report (with confidence intervals and segmentation)

    requires export to app

  • TURF analysis (an optimization search routine for finding optimal sets of items)

    requires export to app

  • Simulations

    requires export to app

  • Prohibitions

  • On-the-fly item ranking results (can be used in follow up questions, skip logic, etc.)

  • Anchored scaling (asking additional questions about whether items are important/not important or buy/no buy; otherwise the item scores are just relative scores )

  • Sparse (showing each item 1 time per respondent instead of the usual 2-3 times)

  • Express (randomly choosing a subset of the total items to show to each respondent across all their MaxDiff sets)

  • Bandit (choosing a subset of the total items to show each respondent across all their MaxDiff sets, where we adaptively oversample items based on previous respondents' preferences)

  • Import/export design file

  • Latent class segmentation

  • Hierarchical Bayes estimation in analysis

Conjoint Analysis Capabilities

  • Number of attributes per exercise

    up to 15

    up to 250

  • Number of levels per attribute

    up to 30

    up to 250

  • None option

  • Prohibitions

  • Alternative-specific designs

  • Partial-profile designs

  • Conditional display

  • Best-worst

  • Import/export custom design file

  • Utility/attribute importance report (confidence intervals, segmentation)

  • Simulator (confidence intervals, segmentation)

  • Hierarchical Bayes estimation in analysis

  • Interaction search tool

  • Multiple scenarios in simulator

  • Interpolation/extrapolation in simulator

General Capabilities

  • Collaboration (multiple authors access to same survey)

  • Pass in data over URL (link from an external site and pass in data/variables to the survey)

  • Pass data out over URL (redirect and pass data from survey to an external site)

  • Skip logic (conditionally skip questions to go to a specified destination)

  • Pre-skip logic (optionally show a question without having to specify a question to skip to)

  • Quota control

  • Randomize pages

  • Randomize blocks of questions

  • Looping (loop through a set of questions for each item in a list)

  • Multiple questions per page

  • Multi-language (ability to put multiple languages into one survey)

  • Export/import survey text for translation

  • Custom CSS, HTML

  • Custom Javascript

  • Custom Perl

    Custom JavaScript instead of Perl

  • Data generator (create random responses to test survey)

  • Duplicate questions, lists, skip logic, etc.

  • Import external data (match up external data with survey data, used in analysis to segment data etc.)

  • Alternate labels used in analysis/export

  • Dynamic/constructed lists (show only the items selected in a prior question, carry forward responses, etc.)

  • Display images (jpg, gif, png, svg)

  • Play video/audio from third-party streaming service

  • Password access to survey

  • Piping (displaying/using responses to previous questions)

  • Export survey to PDF

  • Question library

  • Randomize response options

  • Redirect links

  • Response validation (automatic)

  • Response validation (custom)

  • Use custom survey style template

  • Word import


  • Mobile friendly

  • Link to/from other surveys or websites

  • Restart a survey at a specific question

  • Free hosting on Sawtooth Software servers

  • Offline interviewing (CAPI)

  • Self-hosting


  • Real-time reports, download, and data management

  • Edit individual data records

  • Export data to SPSS

  • Export data to Excel