AI in Marketing Research: Expert Panel Discussion


April 11, 2024

1:00 PM ET

How is AI changing our industry? Will AI replace the need to conduct custom research surveys with real human respondents? If it does not replace traditional survey research, how might it reduce costs and improve our ability to make accurate predictions and extract meaningful insights? Join us on April 11th as we hear from an experienced panel of experts who will address new opportunities for AI in the marketing research industry, as well as how AI may shape future applications of conjoint analysis. These experts will be introducing AI topics that they will more fully address later at Sawtooth Software's Analytics & Insights Summit May 1-3 in San Antonio Texas. In this webinar: Kevin Karty (Intuify) will discuss how LLMs may be leveraged to analyze open-end text. Manjula Bhudiya (Ipsos) will describe what they’ve learned regarding synthetic respondents for conjoint studies and how the results compare to multiple studies they’ve fielded with real respondents. Dan Penney (Microsoft) will address initial explorations they’ve done comparing synthetic responses via GPT to human responses (including conjoint analysis to simulate customer decisions involving feature/price trade-offs), and other AI use cases such as text/video analytics. Jeff Dotson (BYU) will outline how the rise of generative AI provides researchers with the ability to rapidly create novel stimuli that can be used to measure a variety of constructs. He’ll offer guidance on how to derive insights that are both valid and reliable, with specific attention paid to conjoint analysis experiments. Each presenter will take about five minutes to cover high points of their research, followed by 20-25 minutes of live audience Q&A. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from these experts about the emerging affect AI is having in the marketing research industry!


Kevin Karty


Manjula Bhudiya

Ipsos UK

Dan Penney


Jeff Dotson