Defending Yourself Against Bad Data: Strategies to Assess and Improve Data Quality

On-demand Webinar

High-quality insights are predicated on strong research design and qualified, attentive respondents. Sawtooth Software enables you to build expert surveys, but how confident are you in the quality of data you collect from survey respondents? The last several years have seen a dramatic increase in survey fraud, including responses generated by bots, click farms, scammers and more. These threats to data quality can undermine your best research efforts, potentially biasing your findings or leading to inconclusive results. In this webinar Sawtooth Software welcomes Steven Snell, Head of Research at RepData, to provide an overview of the threats present in the modern online survey environment and outlines several strategies to help you assess and improve your data quality. Steve has a ton of experience fighting bad data, having led survey research consulting at Duke, Qualtrics, and Goldman Sachs. Oh, and he has a PhD from Princeton. Steve is super smart and a lot of fun. You definitely want to learn from him.